What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day

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068 - Perez - Cat and Andy - A Dream Wedding Maui Style068 - Perez - Cat and Andy - A Dream Wedding Maui Style

A Hawaiian wedding is a dream come true for many people, but the Rainbow State does not have its nickname for no reason. Rain, while considered a blessing in Hawai’i and thought by some cultures to bring good luck on a wedding day, also brings a few challenges. If you think you may be showered with blessings on your special day, don’t panic! Here are some tips to make sure no wet weather can rain on your parade.

Consult your wedding planner and venue.
Good wedding planners and venues understand how important this day is, and they are often willing to do what they can to make sure it is the best that it can be. It is likely not the first time that rain has been in the picture. Talk to them, let them know your concerns, and brainstorm a plan B (or even C). Whether this means double-checking vendor rain policies, adding extra shelter, having some wet weather supplies available, or changing locations, being prepared will help you to weather whatever storm may come.

0179 - Grossman - Anjelika and Eric Royal Lahaina Maui Wedding0179 - Grossman - Anjelika and Eric Royal Lahaina Maui Wedding

Talk to your photographer.
Rain can be a nuisance if you let it. Some amazing aesthetics can come from overcast weather, especially here in Hawai’i. With a little preparation and the right photographer, your wedding photoshoot will no doubt be spectacular, rain or shine. However, if the rain will not relent, make sure to first capture photos of family and friends who have come together for this special occasion from places near and far. Photos of the couple can always be postponed for a clear day. Plus, who doesn’t want to get back into their wedding attire?
346 - Weinberg - Jessica and Brett - Wailea Marriott Maui Wedding346 - Weinberg - Jessica and Brett - Wailea Marriott Maui Wedding
Communicate with your guests.
If you suspect that the ocean may not be the only thing that could leave your guests a little wet, let them know. Recommend that they bring umbrellas, towels, and other rain gear. Perhaps go the extra mile and have some available or incorporate it into your weddings favors. A little effort to make sure guests are prepared will go a long way to keep the mood bright, even on a cloudy day.
003 - Perez - Cat and Andy - A Dream Wedding Maui Style003 - Perez - Cat and Andy - A Dream Wedding Maui Style
Stay positive and look for the rainbow.
Whether the rain stays around for a while or just makes a brief appearance, a good attitude will make all the difference. You are as prepared as you can be, and your attitude could make or break the attitudes of the guests. So embrace whatever weather the day may bring, soak up the blessings and remember: there are no rainbows without rain.


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