Erin & Rodney -- June 25, 2013

Erin and Rodney traveled all the way from Australia for their Maui wedding.  They were married on the beautiful grounds of The Royal Lahaina located on Kaanapali Beach.  We had the opportunity to take some photos of the bride getting ready, which we love doing.  Having shots from before the wedding allows us to design a wedding album that paints a complete picture of the wedding day.

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Ahleah & Jeffrey -- June 23, 2013

Ahleah and Jeffrey traveled from their Indiana home along with friends and family for their Maui wedding.  The weather was perfect and everyone looked beautiful.  We always enjoy when couples incorporate extra touches into their wedding that reflect their personality.  Those images, such as the starfish aisle decor and butterfly release shots, make great supporting photos for the wedding album.  Ahleah and Jeffrey had help planning from the on site wedding coordinators at The Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa located on Kaanapali Beach. 

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Brandi & Sheri -- June 21, 2013

Brandi and Sheri chose the well loved Merriman's Restaurant in Kapalua for the their wedding.  Merriman's waterfront location makes it an ideal spot for a sunset dinner and is known for its emphasis on high quality, local ingredients.  Planning a destination wedding has its challenges but Brandi and Sheri made it easy by hiring an experienced wedding planner.  Tracy Flanagan at A Dream Wedding worked with Brandi and Sheri from their Kentucky home to turn their vision into reality.

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Jennifer & Lucas -- June 21, 2013

People celebrate the summer solstice for many reasons -- the start of summer, the longest day of the year, or a turning point in the growing season.  But Jennifer & Lucas' primary celebration each June 21 going forward will be their anniversary!  They took advantage of all that sunlight by planning their tropical wedding on the summer solstice with the assistance of Tracy Flanagan at A Dream Wedding.  Surrounded by their loved ones, the ceremony was held at The Royal Lahaina, a popular place for weddings due to its beachfront location and beautiful grounds.


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Lauren & Ian -- June 20, 2013

Lauren & Ian's wedding took place on Ulua Beach, a charming beach located in the heart of Wailea.  Tracy Flanagan of A Dream Wedding worked with the couple to make all the arrangements that make a wedding day feel extra special.  Lauren and Ian made a great choice, as A Dream Wedding has been coordinating weddings for over 25 years on Maui and have long standing relationships with the best wedding professionals on the island.  As expected, the day went smoothly and this happy couple experienced the beach wedding they dreamed of!

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