Erin & Mike -- September 27, 2013

Erin and Mike were super easy going and fun to shoot.  This Florida couple said their "I do's" on the grounds at the Royal Lahaina Resort, which is a popular spot for weddings.  Not only is it located on famous Ka'anapali Beach - a perfect spot for sunset photos - but they have an awesome group of wedding coordinators on staff which makes planning a wedding from afar a breeze.  With Amy, Geraldine or Jen at your side, all you need to do is show up and enjoy your big day!  

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Christy & Randy -- September 23, 2013

We were so thrilled to be part of Christy & Randy's big day at the Royal Lahaina Resort.  Christy looked like a princess in her gown and her tropical bouquet offered a really fun splash of color.  Ka'anapali Beach was the perfect spot to capture some romantic sunset photos for this happy couple.

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Jaime & Jared -- September 21, 2013

Jaime and Jared had a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends at The Sheraton Maui located at Blackrock Point in Ka'anapali.  The grounds offer several picturesque locations for the ceremony and Ka'anapali Beach is the perfect place to capture sunset photographs.  Maui delivered with her perfect weather and temperatures cooled just in time for this big crowd to dance the night away.  This one was especially fun!

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Janet & Eric -- September 19, 2013

Janet and Eric renewed their marriage vows on Kapalua Bay Beach, a pristine white sand beach on Maui's northwest side.  They planned their vow renewal ceremony with the help of Catherine at Destination Hawaii, which meant all they needed to do was show up and enjoy the day!  A vow renewal ceremony is not only a great way to reaffirm a couple's commitment to one another, but also to the entire family unit.  Children can be involved in many ways... they can read something they've written about family during the ceremony, walk mom and dad down the aisle together, or present the rings, as Janet and Eric's daughter did.  

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Kimberly & Brent -- September 18, 2013

Kimberly & Brent renewed their marriage vows at the Royal Lahaina Resort on Ka'anapali Beach.  A vow renewal ceremony is a great way to reaffirm your commitment to one another, celebrate a milestone anniversary or life event, or have the wedding you never had.  Some ceremonies are as big as a traditional wedding, and others, like this one, include just a couple of loved ones who serve as witnesses.

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