Lisa & Steven -- October 21, 2013

Lisa and Steven were married at beautiful Kapalua Bay Beach, a pristine beach on the west side of Maui that is popular snorkeling spot.  Platinum Weddings & Events, which is owned and operated by the talented Taryn Stark Wyant, helped with the arrangements.  Hiring a wedding coordinator not only ensures no details will be missed, a local, experienced coordinator like Taryn can help pick a location that is in line with your vision.

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Elisabeth & Brok -- October 18, 2013

Every so often we're blessed with the honor of shooting a wedding for local Maui residents, and this was the case for Elisabeth and Brok.  Brok's best man was his five year old son, who was just so fun to photograph.  While Elisabeth and Brok obviously know the island well, they hired Tracy Flanagan of A Dream Wedding: Maui Style to help with the arrangements.  Planning even a small wedding involves a lot of coordination and decision making, and Tracy is great at what she does and has the track record to prove it.  Hiring an experienced coordinator is the best way to reduce stress on your big day!

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Ruth & Chris -- October 3, 2013

Ruth and Chris got their dream wedding thanks to the expert assistance of Tracy Flanagan of A Dream Wedding: Maui Style.  They were married on the grounds of the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa on Maui's south side.  We were fortunate to have some time with both the bride and the groom prior to the ceremony... we love capturing those special moments with loved ones before the couple embarks upon their new life together.   

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Jamie & Joe -- October 3, 2013

Jamie and Joe picked a perfect Maui day to renew their vows.  It was a simple gathering on the beach with a small group of family and friends as witnesses.  They involved their two children in the ceremony, which is a great way to impress the values of marriage and family upon them.  These photographs are sure to be treasured by the children when they are adults.  The multi-talented Taryn Stark Wyant of Platinum Weddings & Events helped Jamie & Joe plan this special day. 

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Melissa & Kyle -- October 1, 2013

Melissa and Kyle opted for a simple wedding on a quiet beach on the island of Lana'i.  The Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay is a beautiful spot, known for its white sand beach adjacent to a marine preserve and a truly spectacular golf course with cliff-side fairways.  If you are looking for a romantic and secluded place to get married, we highly recommend checking out Lana'i.  If you need a civilization fix during your stay, it's only a ferry ride away from Maui's west side.

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