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How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Maui

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A wedding is a one-of-a-kind event and should truly reflect the personality of the couple to be married. For this reason, many partners now opt to plan a destination wedding in Maui, as opposed to a more conventional ceremony. By doing so, the happy couple finds they can combine a vacation with their big day and allow others to enjoy the festivities fully. However, what should every couple know before planning a wedding of this type to ensure no problems arise before, during, or after the ceremony?


First and foremost, a location in Maui must be selected. Obviously, this place should be one the couple has always wished to visit or one they have been to in the past and remember fondly. Nevertheless, the partners must ensure there is a venue in the area that can hold the guest list and one that is suitable for all guests. A small bar isn't appropriate for children, for example, even if this is where the couple first met and wishes to hold the ceremony. Fortunately, most couples will find they can hold the wedding in their dream location with only a few slight modifications if needed.  Be prepared to visit the venue multiple times also to ensure everything will move smoothly on the day of the event.

094 - De Oliveira - Annette and Alex - Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Wedding094 - De Oliveira - Annette and Alex - Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Wedding

Go Local

Plan on making use of local vendors for the event. Don’t try to have items shipped in when they are available near the venue. By incorporating native items into the ceremony, couples find they can truly make the day special while providing their guests with some added enjoyment. It’s not every day a person gets to see artisan crafts or textile patterns native to the area where the wedding is being held. Not only will this make the day one-of-a-kind, it also provides a conversation opener for individuals who don’t know each other, which is sure to be appreciated.

356 - Graham - Callie and Andrew - Marriott Wailea Maui Wedding356 - Graham - Callie and Andrew - Marriott Wailea Maui Wedding

Use a Wedding Coordinator

Don’t hesitate to call on the professionals to help make the day special. The coordinator will handle many of the tasks for the couple, allowing the bride and groom to visit and make decisions quickly and easily. Several vendors offer this option in Maui.

Ask about the services included, such as floral arrangements and guest accommodations. Furthermore, be sure to ask how they bring the guests together before the event so everyone gets to know each other. Finally, ask the coordinator if they take any steps to make the guests feel special during their stay. They have come a long way to share in the couple’s big day and should be recognized for doing so.

073 - Vaughn - Leticia and Devon - Poolenalena Maui Vow Renewal073 - Vaughn - Leticia and Devon - Poolenalena Maui Vow Renewal


If planning a destination wedding seems overwhelming even with the help of a wedding coordinator, elope. Our Elopement Photography packages start at only $400 and may be the perfect option for a bride and groom. It is their special day and it should be everything they dream of. For some, this will be an elopement and one that lets them start married life immediately. We work with every couple to find what is best for their needs.



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